Total Security Solution Deployment Case



Data classification.

All PII data, source code, internal documents, financial files and other important data must to be protected.

An entire lifecycle for data protection and response workflow.

Email approval process based on MS Office 365.

Automatically scan and find the location of company PII information.

How to avoid data loss when a laptop is lost.


Endpoint Prevent -DLP:DLP Endpoint Prevent can help  to monitor and block sensitive data transformation via USB, browser (http/https/ftp), outlook, and other applications.

Endpoint Protection-SEP:SEP can help to protect endpoints against threats, spywares, rootkits. 

Mail Prevent-DLP:DLP Mail Prevent to monitor the sensitive data sent via email, the administrator could approve or reject the behavior depends on corporate’s policy.

Endpoint Encryption-SEE:Simply protect the data when an employee’s laptop is lost. SEE prevents the unauthorized access to the lost machine.

Email Security -SMG:Integrate with DLP to provide  mail approval process solution.


a.Protect the data security against illegal behavior.

b.Reduce the maintenance cost by the single management console and the response process designed by the deployment service partner.
c.Meet the compliance requirements.